A tangled mess

by nurseschatzie

I am convinced there are creatures living under my daughters bed.  Every night they come out to torment her in her sleep, but they are so sly and quiet that she doesn’t even notice them.  Occasionally she will wake up, but they are so tiny  she doesn’t realize they are in her bed.  I haven’t determined yet if she does something specific to irritate them, or if they just prefer little girls.  They do not seem to have any effect on the boys.  She calls them “Da Nassy Nauts”.  During the day, they collect carpet lint and other fuzzes and hold them until the attack.  Then, while she slumbers they massacre her beautiful curly hair.  Armed with the carpet fuzz, a very small teasing comb, and some kind of adhesive, they creativly weave themselves with the fuzz into her locks. 

I have tried several tactics to ward off “Da Nassy Nauts”, all unsuccessful.  I have tried leave-in conditioner, a pony tail, letting her go to bed with wet hair, damp hair, dry hair, brushed hair, messy hair, silky pillow, cotton pillow, no pillow. Nothing seems to help. 

In the morning it’s anyones guess as to how her hair will look.  And how long it will take to brush out all those “Nassy Nauts”.  Undoubtedly there will be tears, screams, and profanity under breath, and of course, I get upset too.  The Nauts are very intricate weavers, and cannot be undone with just a good shampoo and conditioner.  That helps, but you must first brush them all out.

I know Princess and I will come though this together.  After all, I once dealt with “Da Nassy Nauts” as well.  Although I refuse to follow the route my parents took with me…….they cut my long beautiful curly hair off!  I will be stronger than this, Princess will be stronger than this.  WE WILL OVERCOME DA NASSY NAUTS!

But, it is getting difficult.  The longer her hair is, the harder they work to destroy it.  And more time consuming and painful the solution becomes.  Often Princess wants me to stop before all of the offenders are out, but luckily she still trusts my judgement when I tell her “Da Nassy Nauts” will just multiply if not quickly taken care of.  So remember Princess and her daily struggle with Da Nauts and say an extra prayer on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – they days Mommy goes to work early, and (cue dramatic music) DADDY fixes our hair!

The evidence of their destruction is below, even on Christmas Day, “Da Nassy Nauts” wreak havoc!

Nassy Nauts work of art